Jan 13

When should i consider replacing my HVAC unit?

It is a great question and one that every home owner asks when the sudden break down of their HVAC system occurs. You should look at several factors when considering the pro’s and con’s of replacing a failing unit, here are just a few:

  • Is the unit still within it’s warranty period and have you had it examined by a licensed, qualified HVAC technician to determine if the failed part might be covered?
  • How often has it experienced a failure? What has those previous failures cost you in repair costs or interruption of your other life activities?
  • Does the age and design of the system cause you to have higher utility bills because of the system lacks current energy efficiency options?
  • Is the current system the correct one for your home size and layout in the first place?
  • Are there other factors that may contributing to the HVAC failure not related to the unit?

One effective thumb rule you can use is the 5,000 rule:  Take the age of the HVAC system and multiply that by the repair cost. If the number is more than $5,000, then you should consider replacement.By example, a 10-year-old unit with a $350 repair equals $3,500. It’s OK to repair.

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